Day Above Ground Pulls Racist/Sexist 'Asian Girlz' Video, Uploads Shitty Song in Response

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After a righteous hailstorm of criticism, Los Angeles band Day Above Ground finally took its racist and sexist music video "Asian Girlz" off YouTube. The supposed satirical ballad by the crappy excuse for an alternative rock outfit was chalk full of ultra-degrading lyrics such as "Korean barbecue/Bitch I love you/I love your creamy yellow thighs/Oh, your slanted eyes." As was to be expected, the song drew the ire of many when the video went up last week. AF3IRM, a Filipina feminist group, whipped up swift web-based activism in the form of a petition calling on venues and companies to neither host nor sponsor the band. Putting on the pressure, the organization reports that House of Blues cancelled a scheduled appearance and On-Stage Sounds dropped its sponsorship.

So what's a band to do? After their offensive video directed by Michael Steinberg was brought down, Day Above Ground uploaded "American Dream" and noted the song as a "response to the response."

Our response? It's a plague unleashed upon listening ears everywhere! The video notes in its intro that "American Dream" was "recorded, mixed, shot, edited and uploaded" all within a day's time...and it sounds like it, too!

See the video below...

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I have an easier time understanding Norwegian death metal lyrics than this nonsense. Go ahead and cry victim. I'll prop my feet up and laugh at your expense.

Anyway - that music video was absolutely disgusting.

There, got it off my chest.

But underneath it all, I'm amused. Amused and confused. I'm amused at the utterly overwhelming ignorance of some people who could in any way, shape, or form think that this is an acceptable joke to make. I'm amused in the same way I would be if I were to witness somebody attempting to wipe their ass with poison ivy. "Haha, bro, you're so fucking stupid, you've got no idea what's coming to you. Quick - let me get the popcorn."

Even more than that, I'm confused. I'm confused about why we seem to think it's okay to belittle Asians and expect them to laugh it off. "Lighten up, it's just a joke!" they say. "We didn't mean any harm!" they say. I'm confused because I don't think I would be hearing them sing the same tune if the song were about a black guy named Fried Chicken Dekambwe who had an obsession with wawdamelm, purple drank, and big booty hoes. If that were the case, the people who are now complaining that Asians need to lighten up and learn how to take a joke would be CALLING FOR THE BAND MEMBERS' HEADS, and rightfully so.

I'm not saying we should start poking fun at other races in order to balance things out and "make it right" - far from it. It is NEVER acceptable to stereotype anyone. NEVER. But what I am saying is that it's mystifying that American society would shy away from poking fun at one race while laughing and pointing at another. Since when did Asians deserve any less respect?

FACT: Asians are the number-one bullied group of children in the United States.

FACT: Asian children have higher suicide rates than any other race.

Why on earth is it ever acceptable to add to that problem?


Did you guys see this other "I Love Asian Girls" video which is actually funny and is unoffensive to asian women?  10 % of the proceeds of the song go to the Japanese earthquake relief effort.   Make sure you watch the whole thing for the twist ending! 


If anyone is offended by this then it is because they choose to be. It is silly and goofy but I don't see how it is offensive. It is certainly not mean spirited in any way. Society is too sensitive these days. Toughen up. 

Aaron Roach
Aaron Roach

The most offensive thing I saw about that song was the fact that the band likened themselves to Led Zeppelin. I find it hard to believe the new song is any shittier than the original.


@j72russ Fuck you. Now take that Fuck You and not a word out of you. Toughen up. Or else I'll declare it was a satire!

gabrielsanroman topcommenter

@j72russThe racism is clear when they sing "Come on sit on my lap (right here baby) / Or we'll send you back." Defend that shit! Anyone who isn't offended by this is a pinche pendejo!

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