Day Above Ground Pulls Racist/Sexist 'Asian Girlz' Video, Uploads Shitty Song in Response

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After a righteous hailstorm of criticism, Los Angeles band Day Above Ground finally took its racist and sexist music video "Asian Girlz" off YouTube. The supposed satirical ballad by the crappy excuse for an alternative rock outfit was chalk full of ultra-degrading lyrics such as "Korean barbecue/Bitch I love you/I love your creamy yellow thighs/Oh, your slanted eyes." As was to be expected, the song drew the ire of many when the video went up last week. AF3IRM, a Filipina feminist group, whipped up swift web-based activism in the form of a petition calling on venues and companies to neither host nor sponsor the band. Putting on the pressure, the organization reports that House of Blues cancelled a scheduled appearance and On-Stage Sounds dropped its sponsorship.

So what's a band to do? After their offensive video directed by Michael Steinberg was brought down, Day Above Ground uploaded "American Dream" and noted the song as a "response to the response."

Our response? It's a plague unleashed upon listening ears everywhere! The video notes in its intro that "American Dream" was "recorded, mixed, shot, edited and uploaded" all within a day's time...and it sounds like it, too!

See the video below...

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