Avenged Sevenfold Used to Cover Their Groupies in Piss

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By John Wiederhorn and Katherine Truman
Avenged Sevenfold have always occupied a weird space in the annals of OC metal, or metalcore, whatever you want to call it. Despite being rejected by some old-school metal fans (i.e. anyone with a sleeveless denim jacket, a Napalm Death concert stub and tattoos older than you), Avenged Sevenfold have one of the most rabid young fan bases in the game. Their power could be resurfacing again with the release of their sixth album, Hail to the King, on August 27.

Coming up alongside the brutal shredding of colleagues like Eighteen Visions and Atreyu, the band dubbed A7X were one of the first bands to really embrace a more glammed-out '80s resurgence of noodling guitar riffs, guy-liner, and a ghoulish identity. Despite the untimely death of drummer James "The Rev" Sullivan, vocalist Matthew "M.Shadows" Sanders and company have persevered. To date, they've sold more than 4 million albums worldwide. While on tour during their City of Evil era, their idea of a good time often meant leaving a trail of drugs, destruction and piss (like, R.Kelly amounts of piss) in their wake. To learn more, once again we decided to bust open a copy of Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal by John Wiederhorn and Katherine Truman to let you hear about their insane antics in their own words. (Nate Jackson)

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From Louder Than Hell:

M. SHADOWS: The last time we got into a bar fight we were just sitting there drinking and some asshole goes, "If I don't get a drink in the next five minutes, I'm gonna punch the next person that walks in the door." So he doesn't get his drink and my friend walks in, so the guy shoves my friend. The Rev walks up with a beer bottle and just, boom! across the guy's face. All I remember is kneeing someone in the face over and over and not stopping.

JOHNNY CHRIST: I got arrested for a DUI in 1994. I had just bought my Crown Victoria and I went out. I wasn't planning on going anywhere. I just had a bottle of Jack sitting next to me and I was drinking, watching TV, and a friend came over. I had just got back from a tour. So I showed him the car and I was drinking some more. I ended up blacking out. And for whatever reason, I wanted to go for a spin. Next thing I know, I wake up and I've driven my car underneath a parked Dodge pickup truck. I found out later I had put the pedal all the way down and at the last second I fishtailed and went right underneath the truck. So I'm trying to back out and this guy runs out in his underwear and starts screaming. I tried settling it, but there was already a cop there. I went to jail and had a pretty hefty fine.

ROXANA SHIRAZI (groupie, writer): [One time], Synyster put down his beer and unzipped his heavy metal pants, full of chains, studs, and assorted accessories. He unleashed his hot pee like a fountain all over my breasts. I held my head back to expose my neck. [Back on the band's bus] the Rev tried to fuck me. M. Shadows watched. When Synyster showed up, though, the Rev's dick died. He kept trying to fuck, but his dick was spaghetti limp. He tried to shove it in again and again. Because of all the chemical substances he'd consumed, he began foaming at the mouth. All of a sudden, his face went pale and twisted in deranged psychosis, and he slammed me onto the ground. I hit my head, then stood back up in a daze. I was angry, but mostly because I hadn't gotten proper sex.

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