Top Five Patriotic Alternatives For Your 4th of July Playlist

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Bob Odenkirk as "C.S. Lewis Jr."

It's almost the 4th of July, and you know what that means! Cook-outs, neighborhood get-togethers and all-around joyous celebrations of being American. Fireworks, streamers, bald eagles and red-white-and-blue color schemes will be in full force today! Of course, just as important in celebrating the absolute greatest country in the world (we checked, it's true) is having the right music. You don't want to be caught being the person who completely misinterpreted "Born in the USA" and bummed everybody out by playing it, right? Therefore, here's five alternative patriotic songs to get your 4th of July off cookin' right!

5. Bruce McCulloch - "That's America" 1994

Leave it to a Canadian to best sum up America from the outside looking in. "Kids in the Hall" member Bruce McCulloch first debuted an abridged version of his "That's America" piece on the group's sketch comedy television show, and later expanded it for his album, Shame Based Man. Touching on the little things we may take for granted, like when people use an American flag instead of curtains, it best sums up the 4th's celebration by designating America as "a place for Americans."

4. Bloodhound Gang - "Kids in America" 1995

Kim Wilde's hit "Kids in America" was one of the most memorable jams of the 80s, capturing what it was like to be a wild free-spirited youth in one of the coolest nations on Earth. Every cover of the song seems to bring out a little something extra thanks to the youth of its time (including even Len's cover from the Digimon soundtrack) but one version we're partial to is the belligerent but sincere hard-rocking cover from the Bloodhound Gang's debut album Use Your Fingers. Ending with a powerful return-chant, it's a surefire great way to capture the memories at your BBQ!

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