Top 10 Emo Bands of the '90s

Emo wasn't always shorthand to describe Hot Topic pre-teens with black hair spending their parent's money on My Chemical Romance merch. In the 90's, emo went through a revival period looking back to bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace. Today, some music scenes are seeing a revival in emo music as well. Bands like Algernon Cadwalladar, Into It Over It, Tigers Jaw, and Snowing are creating the sounds of the latest emo revival. Like all good things, many emo bands are short-lived. All the bands on this list have either broken up and reunited or have just called it quits all together. Whether you call it post-hardcore, emo, screamo, emotive hardcore, or whiny-teenage music, emo will always be coming in and out of style. Here's our list of the Top 10 Emo Bands of the 90s.

10. Texas Is The Reason
A lot of emo bands come from a hardcore background; Even Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy was in a hardcore band in high school. Guitarist Norm Brannon is just as well known for his band Shelter as he is for Texas Is The Reason. Wentz and the others in Fall Out Boy lost all of their street cred a long time ago, but Arenas and Texas Is The Reason still get frequent play on sites like tumblr and are back playing shows today.

9. Braid
Braid formed as a response to a post looking for members in the DIY magazine Maximumrocknroll. Polyvinyl Records has put out a number of great emo releases. Two of the albums that made this list were released by Polyvinyl, and half of the bands have worked with them. Braid's Frame and Canvas helped establish the label and helped established the band as a major player in today's emo market.

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