The Seven Lamest Nu Metal Bands of All Time

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3. Papa Roach

If you were in high school when Papa Roach was big, you were not cool if you couldn't play "Last Resort." The band went on to have massive success, while they rode the wave of the '00s nu metal popularity. Claiming the ears of many Suburban, angst-ridden youth, with their triple platinum album Infest, the rap/rock vocals of Jacoby Shaddix inspired plenty of even more unlistenable bands to follow . After years of meddling with nu metal, the band took a lowerkey/more mature angle with Rock. In 2009, their video "Lifeline" was nominated for Best Video of 2009 in a Fuse TV contest while losing to none other than Britney Spears, who also beating out Daughtry, Metallica and Paramore. Sad.

2. Saliva

Saliva won hearts with their debut album, Every 6 Seconds, referring to how often men think about sex -- pretty douchey. "Your Disease" and "Click Click Boom" are among the most popular songs of the group, while in their nu metal phase with glorified rap style vocals. The album alone puts Saliva on the tipping point of lame. But in 2002, lead singer Josey Scott, did the unthinkable and teamed up with Nickelback's (one of the worst bands ever) frontman, Chad Kroeger, for the Spiderman's incredibly sappy theme song, "Hero." To further tarnish to their image, the band released a song on Saw 3D's (worst reviewed chronicle in the Saw series) soundtrack in 2010.

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