The Seven Lamest Nu Metal Bands of All Time

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5. Drowning Pool

Rest in Peace, Dave Williams. It is no laughing matter when anyone dies, especially if it is the voice and face of a band. Though their debut album Sinner went on to go platinum, "Bodies" is the song in question here, and warrants Drowning Pool as one of the lamest nu metal bands. The fact that the breakout hit was used by the US Military as a musical torture song, tells you something. To be fair, if I heard any song on repeat for 10 days in a row, I would not be happy. But c'mon, "Bodies" for to hours while being tortured, really!? Now that is impressive. The band has since gone on record, saying that it did not agree with the military's use of the song.

4. Evanescence

You know you are lame when you're being misidentified as a Christian Metal band -- not to mention sharing the same label as the god awful (no pun intended) band, Creed -- and end up riding on the coattails of nu metal's popularity. Evanescence hit the pinnacle of nu metal mainstream standards with their debut hit, "Bring Me Back to Life," as it was quickly used in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and is placed in the movie Daredevil. Both incredibly lame placements. Not that anyone really takes wrestling seriously, but would you be intimidated by a wrestler who reps Evanescence as their theme song? I surely don't. Strip away the leather and the black eye makeup and all I see and hear is a Disney Channel, bubblegum pop band.

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