The Seven Lamest Nu Metal Bands of All Time

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Christopher Victorio
Papa Roach
By: Matt Oliver
For every generation, parents wonder what the heck their kids are listening to. Whether it is was the '50s when Elvis had screaming girls fainting, the Beatlemania of the '60s and '70s or the 80's with the hair metal explosion of Twisted Sister and Motley Crue. Unfortunately, my generation was introduced to a new type of metal, Nu to be exact.

Nu Metal was brought on by the less-than-lovely blends of 7-string guitars, screaming vocals, rapping lyricists and sometimes DJs, meshed with unfashionable dreads, pants with a billion zippers to nowhere and more makeup than KISS could handle -- no wonder my parents thought I was crazy. The genre was ushered in by pioneers, Korn, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit, and given festivals Family Values Tour and Ozzy Osbourne's OzzFest, gave birth to the metal's bastard child.

Though Korn and Slipknot are pretty lame in their own rights, they are the industry standard for Nu Metal. Point being, it gets a lot worse from there. The list you are about to witness is the lamest of the lame.

7. Mushroomhead

Officially naming themselves Mushroomhead in 1995, Ohio's Slipknot clone soon took stages with masks, jumpsuits and the insane member count of eight, with names like ST1TCH, Dr. F, Dinner and DJ Virus. How many drummers, keyboards and vocalists does a nu metal band need? Despite going on to sell millions, and still taking stages and putting out music in 2013, Mushroomhead is still gore porn-loving, fratboy metal at its worst.

6. Mudvayne

The song "Dig" was undoubtedly the epitome of cheesy, nu metal angst. Whether you were at Hot Topic, watching MTV or inside of Wearhouse Music, you saw a guy with blue hair screaming, and a bald headed bassist with red hair devil horns on the TV. Ten years later, you just have to look back and ask yourself, "Why was I so angry with life, to listen to this song on repeat?"'

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