The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Todd Rundgren--See Monday

Monday, July 8

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Todd Rundgren
The Coach House
Todd Rundgren is the kind of guy who stands alone--in fact, if you crack open the gatefold issue of his 1972 album Something/Anything, you'll see exactly what we mean. It's a giant photo of him and his guitar in a shaft of light (and dust) which is pretty much the literalization of the entire Rundgren oeuvre. (And yes, it is definitely an oeuvre.) He's a polymath, a prog monster, a pop magpie, a wizard of some kind and a star for a while, and he's still cranking onward. In fact, he just put out a new album in April that's an unpredictable '00s-gone-'80s (or maybe vice versa) mix of electronic music with his "anything goes" sound. If there are still old heads out there, surely they'll be ready to say hello at this show. (Chris Ziegler)

Max and the Moon
Constellation Room
Max and the Moon is an indie quartet hailing from Fullerton (among other places). Singer John V. evokes the more heavenly aspects of My Morning Jacket vocalist Jim James' howl with a sweet falsetto of his own. The bands bright, bouncy arrangements feature a touch of reverby psychadelia.Fresh off of their latest release, The Way I See It, the band resumes their July residency in Santa Ana at the Constellation Room (Brandon Ferguson)

Tuesday, July 9

Ultimate Stones
The Coach House
The Ultimate Stones aren't just a band, they're an experience. Just as the name suggests, this Rolling Stones tribute band is about the closest to resembling all of the original Stones members- from Mick's idiosyncratic chicken strut to Keith's swift guitar moves. You have to give credit to each performer's talented mimicry; beyond the clothes and haircuts, these guys know what it takes to give their audiences satisfaction. Tonight they play the Coach House with Wayward Sons and Family Style. (Aimee Murillo)

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