The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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La Luz--See Monday
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Monday, July 1

La Luz
The Continental Room
To call La Luz's take on 1960s surf rock 'infectious' would be an understatement. Truly their sound, which features dreamy vocal harmonies reminiscent of girl group wonders The Shirelles, is a bubbly reincarnation, but no less swoon-worthy. Hailing from Seattle, La Luz's twangy electric guitar and "Walk Don't Run"- esque homages should fit in well here in Southern California, home of surf rock and sunshine. Tonight they play The Continental Room with Tashaki Miyaki. (Aimee Murillo)

Tuesday, July 2

Outer Minds
The Constellation Room
Chicago's Outer Minds do the '60s like the '80s did the '60s--or even like the '00s did the '60s with bands like the Deadly Snakes and Reigning Sound, whose revved-up songs proved that you could listen to 45s by Love and the Turtles right after 45s by punkers like the Pagans and the Shit Dogs and it'd somehow make your band more awesome. (In that same go-for-broke spirit, Outer Minds definitely aren't shy about hammering on their organ.) So back in the '80s, Outer Minds would've been right at home on a label like Voxx and on a bill with the Pandoras. But since it's 2013, their most recent LP is on South Paw and they're right at home on bills with similar everything-new-is-old-again outfits like Black Apples or Dante Vs. Zombies, who are opening for them at this show. (Chris Ziegler)

Tapas Newport Beach
Focus Tuesdays, the mid-week house music dance party at Tapas in Newport, might just the most underrated club in OC. With years (years!) of experience bringing in some of the best deep house DJs in the business, Focus attracts a young, beautiful crowd of house fanatics and party people each week. With resident DJs like Nonfiction, Josh Billings and Wobs, the opening sets are as much a draw as the headliners. Plus, there are three-dollar drink specials and the club's famous one-dollar tacos on the patio. Pretty great for a Tuesday night! (Erin DeWitt)

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