The 10 Greatest OC Metal Bands of All Time

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Jerry John Nicholl
Bleeding Through

Orange County is known for its punk scene. With old school bands such as Social Distortion, The Adolescents, Agent Orange and D.I., among countless others, one might not necessarily think of heavy metal when it comes to our native soundtrack and local history. Turns out, over the past thirty years or so, Orange County has been birthplace to more than a few heavy metal bands, some still active, some gone but not forgotten. With that in mind, and in no particular order of importance, we offer, the Ten Greatest OC Metal Bands of All Time.

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1. Phobia
Did someone say Grindcore? Ah yes, Phobia, OC's original true grind masters, shredding eardrums since 1990. Another band for the truly underground scene, the band is well known for its abrasive, violent sociopolitical songs among extreme metal, and crust punk aficionados. Over the years, the band has had a revolving line up with too many to even list. Definitely among the ranks of bands such as crust/ punk heroes DOOM, gore metal acts Exhumed and Impaled, and fellow grind core metal bands Cattle Decapitation and Murder Construct. Phobia still tour, and are still pushing the limit with new music, including Remnants of Filth, from 2012.

This is not a band for the weak of heart. Dark, and depressing, doesn't even begin to describe this band, formed in OC in 1991. This is some of the most vile, sick, disgusting, and hateful, haunting music you might ever hear. The band is heavy and bleak slow, yet crushing and grinding in other moments within the same album (or even song). Having undergone numerous line up changers throughout its career, the final lineup consisted of Todd Kiessling on bass/vocals, Dino Somese on drums and Matt Parillo on guitars/vocals. Sadly, the band broke up 2008, leaving behind a cult like following of crust punks, doom heads and other metal/punk miscreants.

Fans of Eyehategod and Nuerosis will love this band, which has stayed true to the underground scene, and misanthropic, yet political themed vibe and stoner metal/doom/crust punk sound, and use of various dark, twisted spoken word pieces and samples in songs, influencing future 'noise' bands with similar musical styles, themes and sounds. Focusing on the harsh nature of the world, the band touched on a myriad of brutal topics including human and animal rights, war and racism. Check out the punishing mind-twisting albums Human=Garbage(1994) and 2008's self-titled to get a good feel of this band.

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