Handmade Punk Products You Really Must Own

Painting by rayyoungchu on etsy.
Punk music never truly fades away, but we're hoping it hits mainstream airwaves again. (Pearl Jam's new single "Mind Your Manners" has some punk undertones, so maybe there's a chance). There are valid arguments that 'real' punk music would never hit mainstream... regardless, we'll be ready with these really cool punk products.

East Los Angeles artist Ray Young Chu created this cheeky Punk Retriever print (above).

Dress by veraseyecandy on etsy.

You won't find this Sexy Lace Dress by veraseyecandy in Forever 21.

Amigurumi set by croshame on etsy.

This Sid and Nancy amigurumi set by croshame is so very wrong, but so very creative.

Button by frostovision on etsy.

We got a kick out of this Generic Punk Pin by frostovision (above). Clever and for only $1; count us in!

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