Six Pieces of Pearl Jam Fan Art You Really Must Own

Avocado cross stitch by CrassCross on etsy.

We got so excited when Pearl Jam announced they are touring this fall, that we started scouring etsy for Pearl Jam stuff we could buy while waiting to spend money on concert tickets (which will be on sale July 27). Long live grunge and handmade items!

This Avocado Album Cover Cross Stitch Pattern by CrassCross (above) is as iconic as it is clever. We hope you're crafty!

Pearl Jam Coffee Table by StusWood on etsy.

Haven't you always wanted a Pearl Jam "Ten" Coffee Table? StusWood on etsy can make your dream a reality.

Messenger bag by PerfectGiftExpress on etsy.

You won't find this Pearl Jam Laptop & Messenger Bag by PerfectGiftExpress at Best Buy, folks.

Edder Vedder cross stitch by CrassCross on etsy.

Here's another Pearl Jam cross stitch pattern by CrassCross, featuring Eddie Vedder.

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