Why Nu3tron Quit His Medical Weed Business to Start Rapping Full-Time

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By his mid-20s, rapper Nu3tron had already attained the positive elements of a life well-lived. He had a nice house in Anaheim Hills with a lease in his name, a booming business, a budding rap career, a steady girlfriend, oh...and a warehouse full of weed. For about three years, he managed to balance a 200-plant medical marijuana growing operation in Santa Ana while grinding to change his status as a rapper from part time to full-time. He was touring incessantly as a core member of Huntington Beach-based hip-hop entity Technicali and managing his business with the help of two partners and his girlfriend. He was living the goddamn life.

"I'd been from the bottom of the hill my whole life," he says. "I've always been from Orange or Anaheim and looking up at the hills. So it was a huge accomplishment for me. I had the girlfriend, the dogs, the whole white picket fence, everything was good."

But looking back on it, the 29 year-old wordsmith born Matthew Leonard concedes that the naivety of youth coupled with his unabashed hustle towards the American Dream created some negative energy he didn't expect.

Last summer, coming back from a long-winded summer tour across the country, he quickly realized the life he'd built at home was crumbling around him. His partners weren't taking care of the bills for the house and the operation they were running, and he later broke up with his girlfriend after he discovered she'd been fucking someone else in his bed the whole time he was away.

With yet another tour on the horizon that year in Arizona, the charismatic rapper with a preacher-style flow opted to spread his musical gospel over cultivating his lucrative pot business, which didn't sit so well with his partners.

"It was getting close to crop time and they knew about the tour and they hit me up and they said basically like, if you leave to Arizona, we're gonna rob you," he says. "I was like 'Lemme make it easier for you, you guys just keep everything. I'm out.'" He wasn't kidding. Within days, he'd moved out of the house, moved back to his dad's house to sleep on the floor and has since incurred a massive lien against him for the unpaid lease on his former pad.

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