Molotov Respects the LGTB Community and Not The "Putos"

Josue Rivas
Molotov at Staples Center, 2013
Most people know the word "puto" means "faggot" in Spanish. However the word has another meaning, something more like a coward...think Joe Arpayaso.

Surprisingly, Molotov--probably one of Mexico's most influential bands of all time--released a statement on their Facebook page clarifying the meaning of their controversial song "Puto."

"With respect and gratitude to the LGTB community in the United States of America, our friends and fans around the world. Molotov has been together for over 17 years and has performed for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. Our music gives a voice to the people who aren't in a position to do so for themselves and often times we sing about things some governments don't want you to see or hear.It is in this context that we composed the song "Puto" It was conceived as a cathartic song about our situation in Mexico at the time in the late 90's and dedicated to anyone who attempts our freedom, to any coward who attempts against the people and anyone who attempts against humanity.

It was never meant to disrespect the gay community.We as a band and as individuals express our respect and support to the gay community. We celebrate the freedom of expression, the freedom of choice and the freedom to love whoever you want. As long as we stay playing together, the message of our music will always stay positive and committed to our fans"

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