Girl in a Coma is Ready to Return to Where it All Began

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Daniela Rojas
Phanie, Nina, and Jenn
Girl in a Coma blitzed the indie music scene ever since they debuted with Both Before I'm Gone off of Joan Jett's Blackheart Records in 2007. The San Antonio trio comprised of bassist Jenn Alva, drummer Phanie Diaz, and her little sister, guitarist and vocalist Nina, recorded three original albums and another collection of covers in the span of four years. Given that their last effort was 2011's Exits and All the Rest and without plans to head into the studio until next year, this respite seems like an eternity! But the women aren't laying too low and will actually be coming to the Orange County Fair this week opening up for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts at Pac Amphitheatre.

"We're always writing," lead singer Nina Diaz tells the Weekly. "We're playing a couple new tunes these days." One of the offerings is titled "Invisible," but is a visible display of the band's continued exploration of their talents through the creative process. "With the new songs, I feel like we're going back to our roots, our punk side," she says. "It's happening organically now. It's sounding great. It's a good vibe like when we first started."

The band's lore is the the dream of every band practicing in their garage right this moment. Girl in a Coma, as it has been told before, was featured on a cable battle of the bands show called 'Jammin'' when Joan Jett discovered them and readily offered up a contract to sign to her label, Blackheart Records. Though they've collaborated professionally and in the studio, sharing the stage is rare occasion.

"We've only opened up for her maybe about five times throughout our career being on her label. It's not as often as you think," Diaz says. "Each time we do get to play with her, it's different. She sees how we've grown since she signed us. It's also awesome to see how strong she still is after all these years."

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