The Five Best Acts Playing at Viva Pomona

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The Lovely Bad Things

Local music festival, Viva Pomona highlights some of the biggest Southern California acts in it's second year this Saturday, July 27th. With headliners Allah-Lahs being backed by more than 20 other artists, the two-staged event will be one of Pomona's biggest music events of the year. With so much to choose from, here are some of the bands we are looking forward to seeing this year.


You Me & Us
Finding the perfect balance of fuzzy, honest, and audible, You Me & Us have affectively made what a lot garage bands are doing a lot more listenable. Between referencing Arrested Development and formulating short pop songs that have a very relatable quality the band is doing something nobody else is doing in the Southern California DIY scene. The easiest comparison a listener can make is to another California based band Best Coast. Working with the Guitarists of Best Coast, Bobb Bruno to record their last release, an EP titled Stay Inside, You Me & Us set themselves apart with even more personal lyrics and currently reside within the means of the close-nit, Pomona-based DIY community. They are definitely the pop-iest band on the lineup, but they will definitely be one of the most fun to watch.


Definitely the heaviest band on the lineup, Ruptures brings a darker aspect to the show. With most of the bands being fun-summery garage rock groups, this Emo-Violence band will kick the asses of all beach-bums in the building. Blending screamo elements with hardcore and power-violence riffs, Ruptures plays some of the most heavy emotional music in Southern California.

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