Eric Andre Explains Why You Should Definitely Wear a Poncho to His Live Show

Gijs Vandermost
Eric Andre is an energy-fueled funny force to be reckoned with--the kind that smashes desks, shows up to work in a thong and pours milk all over himself. And that's usually just the part of his act you're prepared for if your a fan of the insanity that goes on during "The Eric Andre Show" on Adult Swim. Just to prove that point before he rocks crowds with live tapings of his smash hit show at The Fonda Theatre on July 16th and at the House of Blues in San Diego on July 20th, we thought we'd lay out this Q&A a little differently. Getting the chance to talk to Andre was exciting enough, but when the conversation happened over the phone, it was just too amazing not to give it to you the way it REALLY went down. After this interview, if you're not feeling moved to make the drive north or south down the 5 freeway, well then, you must hate comedy. And since there isn't much more to say after that, ladies and gentlemen, it's The Eric Andre Show!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Hey Eric. It's Ali from OC Weekly. How's it going?

Eric Andre: Hello. Hi, how are you? Leave a message. BEEP!

What the fuck. Seriously?

OC Weekly! Ali! Leave a message. BEEP!

Oh shit, you got me there. My whole face instantly got red. Now I'm flustered. How are you?

I'm good. I'm just a little tired.

I feel ya. I'm all caffeined up but instead of feeling like a wild woman, I could still take a nap.

You are crazy. You're a fucking wild woman! You sound crazy.

Likewise. Leave a message. BEEP!

[Laughs.] Leave a message BEEP! Ohhh mannnn whooooo! [Yawn.]

Hey I'm sorry if I am boring you already.

No, you're not at all. I'm not bored, I'm just tired.

OK good. I want to know about Hannibal Buress as your co-host. He's so uncomfortably funny on the show.

[Laughs.] Thanks. Yeah, we've been friends for like six or seven years. He's a real mellow dude.

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