EDC Vs Ultra: Which is Better?

Robbie Rivera at Juicy Beach Miami

1. The Parties

UMF: Now in it's 28th annual consecutive year, Winter Music Conference--which coincides with Ultra--has been a staple for any dance music artist for years now. Though the conference itself has lost it's luster, the parties that surround it are unlike anything you have ever experienced. With a plethora of yacht parties, private villa parties, pool parties, club nights and after hours that go until 4pm the next day the vibe in Miami during WMC and what they now call Miami Music Week is incredible. Though not directly correlated to Ultra anymore (the two have been feuding about God knows what for a decade now), we suggest heading down to Miami for the week to see some of the world's most renowned artist in intimate settings, shake it with crazy Europeans that know how to party and then maybe hit up Ultra one day to find out what the fuss is about for yourself.

EDC: EDC has found a home in Las Vegas with the mayor even declaring it EDC Week and the top casino's hosting pool parties and nightclub events. There is enough going on for every music taste such as Las Vegas Loves Techno and brands like HARD and Juicy Beach (from Miami of course) throwing their own pool parties. With Bassrush Massive on Thursday, the EDM Biz conference and an inaugural award show slated for 2014, Insomniac is trying to bring that WMC magic to the dessert. Yet nothing is like exploring nightlife in Miami. EDC goes until six am for three days straight and we don't recommend missing that spectacle. We do know some hardcore EDM aficionados who managed to pull off the massive, pool parties, EDC and crazy after hours parties the whole weekend though. Kudos to them, but our livers can't tolerate that!

Winner: UMF

Up next: And the winner is...

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Famous Gene's
Famous Gene's

Feels like a slanted article for a west coast company from a west coast blog. You left out that there are no hotels near the vegas speedway you can walk to, the heat during sunset and sunrise is brutal and borderline dangerous. Plus when you mention Ultra being all ages, less than 10% are under 18yo so its really not a huge deal. To paint a picture that Miami is filled with bros and yolos and Vegas is not is absurd lol


Ultra might have a more stacked line up, but its not humanly possible to see most of the DJs in inhumane conditions anyway. WMC has always been about the parties, and its better to just play it like Ibiza with a solid line up club and day parties. Stick to the raving in Cali. 


@Famous Gene's Seems pretty obvious that the west coast is just better period.. ive lived on both and its no question

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