EDC Vs Ultra: Which is Better?

Eric Kabik / Insomniac Events
EDM fans at EDC

Though Electric Daisy Carnival has been around for two years longer than Ultra Music Festival since it's inception in 1997, for many years Ultra has been considered the largest and best electronic dance music festival in the United States. It won the International Dance Music Award for "Best Music Event" for almost six consecutive years only to be beaten out by Tomorrowland in Belgium in 2012 and 2013. However, EDC promoters Insomniac Events have won the "Best Event Promoter" title for the past two years and are reaching new heights with a recent Live Nation partnership. Today EDC is a touring festival like Ultra with stops in New York, Chicago, Orlando, Puerto Rico, London and it's main event in Las Vegas. We made the pilgrimage to Miami in March for UMF and Las Vegas for EDC a couple of weeks ago and decided to take a stab at the question on every EDM devotee's mind. Which is better EDC Las Vegas or Ultra in Miami?
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The young crowd at Ultra

5. The People

UMF: Being the first EDM festival to expand to two weekends, Ultra had a combined total of over 330,000 people from 95 different countries as it coincides with the world famous Winter Music Conference. It also reached 10 million people around the world through it's UMF TV coverage making it the most watched unsponsored music event in YouTube history. What you saw was an all ages raging party. Lot's of bros, YOLO hats and kids really wanting to party their faces off (it also coincides with Spring Break the first week). It was great to see festival goers from all over the world, but for the most part it was east coast ragers ready to get turnt up.

EDC: EDC rivaled UMF with attendees from all 50 states and 46 international countries. An estimated 345,000 revelers joined over the course of three days. The PLUR vibes were infections as Pasquale Rotella, Insomniac's CEO got engaged to his baby mamma Holly Madison. The sold-out crowd was also able to tie the knot, renew their vows or celebrate friendships in a non-legal ceremony at a wedding chapel for the first time ever. Even DJ Tommie Sunshine got married to his long time girlfriend Tiny Daniela. We saw ravers from all walks of life, EDM fans, old school techno lovers and even burners dominating the area surrounding the art carts and installations. Unlike last year, the vibes and atmosphere were truly special and consistent with the raver/burner attitude of responsibility.

Winner: EDC

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