Comedian Steve Byrne's Job is Cooler Than Yours. (Yeah, We're Jealous Too.)

Neil Visel
It's crazy how life imitates art and art imitates life.
Pittsburgh native Steve Byrne isn't new to the stand-up game. He's been successfully touring the globe, appeared on just about every late night talk show, and even has two stand-up specials ("Steve Byrne's Happy Hour" and "The Byrne Identity") under his belt. But the sitcom world? Well he's a little different. But even for a newbie, he seems like an old pro. (Sorry about the "old" part.) Writing, producing, and starring in the hit TBS show "Sullivan & Son" with his buddies Owen Benjamin, Roy Wood Jr, and Ahmed Ahmed, it seems pretty much like Byrne is living the coolest life ever. And speaking of cool, Byrne is bringing the Sullivan & Son gang with him to the Irvine Improv July 5th through 7th so if you are ready to keep the holiday weekend party going (and who isn't?), this promises to be one explosive show.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): It's awesome that Vince Vaughn is one of the executive-producers of Sullivan & Son seeing as how you did the Wild West Comedy Show with him. It's a real family affair over there!

Steve Byrne: I did a few pick up dates for that tour because one of the fellas got ill so I filled in for them. When I first moved to Los Angeles, Ahmed was one of the first guys I met and he had suggested that I fill in for the guy. I went and thank god it was one of those shows that totally went my way because I've had a lot of shows that have gone the other way! [Laughs.]

This seriously must be best job you've ever had. Would you say that your character Steve Sullivan is loosely based off of your own life?

Oh yeah, by far it's the best! I think with Steve Sullivan and Steve Byrne, the core of the show is that it's a guy that gives up more of his professional life to give more to his personal life. Because he had no personal life, it was all professional. I was living fifty weeks of the year out of suitcase as a stand-up comedian and traveling non-stop. When I wrote it, I just wanted to write a show about going home and being around the people that you care about. So that's kind of the core of the show.

And you tour with your boys too. They're all coming with you to Irvine right?

Yeah for sure! I mean, it just makes sense because the four of us are all stand-ups and have been doing it for a long time. I think we're all still getting used to working on a show so we're working extra hard on it. But stand-up is something that we all feel comfortable doing and the minute the show got picked up again we were like, let's go hit the road again! It's just something that's a complete blast and we look at it like running for office. We have to get out there, shake hands, and kiss babies. We're a show that is on in the middle of the summer so we like to get out there and introduce ourselves and part of that is going out and hitting the road with a grassroots kind of tour.

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