Cassette Tape Products You Really Must Own

Cassette tape iPhone case by SealedWithaCase on etsy.
Analog is the new black. We feel bad for the people who never participated in the earliest form of music pirating: creating a mixed tape by recording songs from the radio. Reminisce about your analog days with six of our favorite cassette tape products from etsy artisans. We'd take manually rewinding cassette with our finger over trying to rub scratches from a skipping CD any day!

This mix tape iPhone case by SealedWithaCase (above) will be an instant hit among your friends. Plus, the clever design may deter thieves from stealing your phone.

Custom guitar strap by BackbeatLeather on etsy.

Your favorite albums can be printed on each cassette of this custom leather guitar strap by BackbeatLeather.

Messenger bag by CrawlSpaceStudios on etsy.

We have a soft spot in our hearts for guys who still sport messenger bags. In fact, we already have a crush on the guy who would carry this khaki canvas messenger bag by CrawlSpaceStudios.

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