Brad Nowell's Son Just Turned 18. He Talks About Playing His Very First Gig

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Do you have a favorite Sublime cover you like to play or a song that means a lot to you when you play it?
As far as what I can play now, my favorite song to play is "Burritos" and the song I think has the most meaning to me is "Boss DJ." It always gets me every time.

What's your opinion on the endless number of bands who've adopted your dad's style and the sound Sublime created?
The way I feel about it, it's the perfect style of music that Sublime and my dad created. Every time I hear it...I've heard it since I was a kid, ya know, my mom always had it playing. But getting to this age, I've realized that it's just so notably better than pretty much anything I've listened to because of all the influences it has. I think a lot of bands nowadays would do good to take influence from Sublime like any other influential band, but in the words of Miguel, there's a fine line between innovating and imitating. But anything that's done for the love of music is good. So I have a love for all the bands, regardless.

What are some music influences you have outside of Sublime?
What I personally listen to as far as my top five bands would be The Sword--a newer band, not so well known, but they do old school metal. They' number one. I also love Tool, Mastadon, Queens of the Stone Age and Tenacious D.

Any plans for your band coming up that you want to talk about?
For the upcoming months, we want to play one bigger show per month over the summer and then mostly play a lot of backyard parties and kickbacks when we can and try to meet people and have fun. Right now we're just trying to learn what we can from all of our influences and all of our uncles up here.

You obviously have access to a lot of great people who were instrumental in your dad's career with Sublime, how would you describe how some of those people interact with you these days?

I look at all of my older male influences in my life as like a ring of wizards. They're all sort of knowledgeable at a certain aspect of something vital. And while they're not all fully connected together, and while some used to be homies and some are not anymore, they are very intelligent people. I have varying contact with all of them. But my band's major number one influence would be Miguel Happoldt. He's Gandolf.


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