Blondie Fan Art You Really Must Own

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Record purse by VinylRevisited on etsy.

Debbie Harry has inspired hoards of front-women to embrace their inner (and outer) blonde bombshell. Harry's iconic looks from the 70s and 80s still inspire contemporary fashion; and not surprisingly, people try to profit on her 'Blondie' image. Harry is still a fierce force, producing new material and touring. Here are some handmade Blondie items from etsy that we've been drooling over:

Think of all the hipster stares you'll attract with this Parallel Lines Record Purse by VinylRevisited! (Shown above).

Doctor X shirt by StrangeLoveTees on etsy.

Yes, the infamous Doctor X Tee worn (as worn by Debbie Harry during a 1978 performance in London) is back! Add this reproduction by StrangeLoveTees to our etsy wishlist.

Blondie Hi-Tops by RosieTheRebelClothes on etsy.

We bet Avril Lavigne wishes she owned these upcycled Blondie Hi-Tops by RosieTheRebelClothes.

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