Here's What Five People Have to Say About Avalon Bar Closing

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Nate Jackson
So last night was THE final show at Avalon Bar as we know it. As of this week, Costa Mesa's hole-in-the-wall punk palace with the finest sangria in town is shuttered, awaiting a revamp that we will have more news about very shortly.

But there's no question that the final gig was the same crowded, brown-baggin', sweaty-ass affair to which you've grown accustomed for decades. But usually we're prepared to walk in to find slightly more familiar surroundings (i.e. some dirt bag metal band or howling punks thrashing their guitars indiscriminately in the corner with crappy PA). But last night's show-- a RVCA-sponsored event featuring Slime Kings, Slasher, Rankin and more--brought out a young 21ish surfer crowd that seemed less-than aware of the gravity of what they were leaving behind when they stumbled out of the bar for the last time.

The bar built by deceased punk pioneer Mike Conley of M.I.A., is a longtime stronghold for scrappy local bands and is home to plenty of punk lore that most crusty punkers worth their salt will recount for you over a 40oz of Mickeys. This wasn't really that kind of crowd, but despite our sangria buzz we decided to go up to a few people and ask how they felt about the end of Avalon. Here's what they said (please excuse my crappy photos).

Nate Jackson

Johnny On The Spot (he swears that's his real name, guys):
I love this place, but not enough to really come here that often. I live right across the street and I have so many good bars to go to. But the new crew that re-opens it will be amazing, just because they've got a really good following. It's gonna be good. I-i-i-it's gonna be good.

Nate Jackson

Raggedy Andy (on the right--also swears this is his real name. Creative!)
I grew up down the street. I fucking hate this place...I haven't been here in like six months. This place is a fucking joke and they wanna put on this fucking show, like "oohhh, this is the last show. You know how many times this place has put on their last show? Three times. It's fucking stupid.

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