Tyler Jacobs' CinemAttack Gives Scott Pilgrim the Rocky Horror Treatment

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Screaming and throwing stuff in a movie theater--not just for 2-year-olds anymore!

At least, that's what Tyler Jacobs wants you to think. While the man is no stranger to show biz (aside from acting on TV as a child, he and his brothers work on the Aquabats! Super Show! and Yo Gabba Gabba!), his latest project, events company CinemAttack, is all about being part of the audience.

"I've always had a huge passion for movies, as far back as I can remember," he says. "I used to make tons of home movies in the back yard with my brothers [Christian Jacobs of the Aquabats and Parker Jacobs of Gogo13]. I really liked the part when we got to get everyone around and make a big event to screen what we had made."

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For Jacobs, CinemAttack stems from a personal passion. "Being such a movie geek, it just felt natural to throw movie parties for a bigger audience," he says. The goal? To make people fall in love with going to movie theaters again. "There seems to be a really big movement right now when people are really excited to go out to see a movie that they might even already own on DVD--but in a theater with other people at an event," Jacobs says. "So even while fancy home theaters are on the rise and Hollywood struggles to fill seats, people still want to go out and have a really cool experience in a theater."

This is why Jacobs is hosting the Scott Pilgrim Picture Show at the Art Theatre in Long Beach. "Basically, we're giving Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World a Rocky Horror treatment," he says.

On June 14, live bands will be playing along with the movie, with live prompts for the audience.

"The Pixies were booked, Radiohead had plans, and the Beatles wouldn't even return our calls!" Jacobs says. So he did the next best thing: called DJ Oldboy and a few local all-star bands to play the songs exclusively for this screening. And yes, audiences can yell till their throats hurt. There will be prizes for costumes, cool lights, consumption of garlic bread and more--exactly the kind of thing you want to do during a nerdy movie.

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