The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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Ryan Alonzo
Golden Afternoon--See Friday

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Friday, June 21

House of Blues Anaheim
Mickey Mouse and Norteño music this weekend? Why not. Intocable will provide just that.With their accordion/guitar sounds paired with romantic lyrics, these guys from Corpus Cristi Texas are sure to melt any dama's heart like an ice cube on a hot Californian summer. Songs like "Enseñame a Olvidar" ( Show me How To Forget About You) and " Voy a Extrañarte Tanto " ( I'm Going To Miss You A Lot) among others are sure to make you dance closely and tightly with your partner, maybe even shed a tear or two after a few Tecates. Be sure to bring your finest tejana,clean checkered Pendleton and the tighter the jeans the better. Check them out Friday and Saturday at The House of Blues of in Anaheim. (Josue Rivas)

Golden Afternoon
Alex's Bar
It's strange how a band named Golden Afternoon, which flaunts a sunny, crisp, summery feeling through their acoustic music and bright yellow album cover, can sing a song about winter and get away with it. Yet, that's just what this band does with flying colors on the track "Winter Has Come," led by Elizabeth Messick's jazzy vocals and a variety of backing string instruments ranging from mandolin to ukulele. With only a few songs, Golden Afternoon provide the easy going feel of classic jazz but with an updated, dark quality that haunts you, yet their mystery keeps you asking for more. Check them out tonight at Alex's Bar with Flying Sparks, Two Guns, and The Memorial Highway. (Aimee Murillo)

Saturday, June 22

Honda Center
Headlined by Chris Brown, this year's annual Powerhouse monstrosity is decidedly focused on the future of FM hip-hop ( i.e. this is the first time in a few years that we're not seeing Snoop Dogg or Ice Cube on the the bill...shocker!). Promising an arena full of swag and radio hits that range from revolutionary to ratchet, this concert will definitely be the must-see hip-hop show of the summer. Supporting acts on June 22 at the Honda Center include ASAP Rocky, Tyga, Problem and Trinidad James. (Nate Jackson)

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