The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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Friday, June 28th

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CH3 and The Simpletones
Alex's Bar
It's an 80's punk's dream in Long Beach this weekend as Ch3 and The Simpletones play Alex's bar proving punk still lives in Orange County (well, at least Orange County area.) The two Posh Boy Records bands did a lot for the LA punk and hardcore scene in their day, and have done far more than pay their dues. It's the become only an annual thing to see the Simpletones, while strangely Jay Lansford, the Simpletones Founder but now ex-member, is visiting from his home in Hannover, Germany. It's not just the Simpletones that don't play shows very often, but none of the bands on the lineup seem to be playing very often these days. The Lineup is stacked with White Flag and the Gears opening up the show.

Off With Their Heads
Epitaph Record's Off With Their Heads provide the soundtrack to a fucked-up life. Their latest album that came out earlier this year, Home, is the bands most positive and optimistic look at life, but that's not saying much. The only stable member of the group, singer/guitarist Ryan Young details his of life going against the grain. Although they may have softened up a little, the gritty, drunken, pop-punk vibe the band is known for is definitely still in full force. The upside to going to the show is that it being free, you can drink away the money you saved enough to sing along to some of the bands harsher lyrics in songs like "Die Today" and "Fuck This I'm Out."

Saturday, June 29th

Chief Keef
The Observatory
17 years old, running his own label Glory Boyz, a member of Gucci Mane's 1017 Brick Squad, and signed to a 3-album deal with Interscope Chief Keef is busy. Working with artists like Wiz Kalifa and 50-cent on his first album and having Kanye West remix his first hit single prior to the album is all part of the job. Trying to stay out of prison has been another tough task for the young rapper. Chief Keef is busy, but not too busy to upload pictures of himself on instagram receiving oral sex or have twitter beef with pop-star Katy Perry. With all of the controversy surrounding Chief Keef and a mentor like Gucci Mane, there will definitely be a lot going on at the Observatory Saturday night.

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