The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Jill Winter
The Steelwells--See Tuesday

Monday, June 3

Dirty Black Summer
The Continental Room
And now for something completely different. The Continental Room in Fullerton, the oldest drinking establishment in town, hosts an eclectic lineup of midweek shows--everything from hipster folk to a damn-decent Elvis impersonator. But this week they welcome Dirty Black Summer, the Danzig and Danzig-era Misfits cover band featuring members of Revolution Mother and Death By Stereo. Sticking mostly to the classic first couple Danzig albums and a choice selection of Misfits tracks, Dirty Black Summer brings all the glorious goth metal of their namesake to SoCal bars since their inception three years ago. And the best part? Dirty Black Summer's lead singer is a tattooed asian woman. So. Bad. Ass. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, June 4

The Steelwells
The Constellation Room
OC's favorite indie rock darlings are back. Well, kinda. On their re-introduction back into the live music scene after two years of hiding and recording, the band begin their summer with a newly finished record and a major rotation of residencies in San Diego, LA and OC at the Constellation Room. Growing tighter and more formidable as a unit is not an option in that kind of situation. So expect the Steelwells classics (you people remember "Boxes," right?) as well as the synth-laden, indie pop trance of "Cool Kids" and all of the spanking new tunes that'll be on display for you on Tuesday at in Santa Ana. (Nate Jackson)

Wednesday, June 5

Capital Cities
House of Blues Anaheim
A lot of fans of Capital Cities must be really grateful to Craig's List right now, as it was here that the LA pop duo first met and began a fruitful collaboration as jingle writers before emerging as a fully-fledged electro pop unit. But even being heralded by Perez Hilton as "The best band in Los Angeles," doesn't begin to describe how good their sound is- you'll be hooked on their immediately catchy dance beats in "Safe and Sound" but in "Center Stage" there's shadows of funk influences that will trap you in. Their first full length album featuring all new material will be released June 4, which gives their performance tonight at House of Blues a bold new freshness. Come get lifted up tonight with Capital Cities and Gold Fields. (Aimee Murillo)

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