Six Handmade Raver Girl Accessories You Really Must Own

Music festival Flower Crown by BudgetWeddingBouquet on etsy
The summer rave season will be here before you can charge your LED hula hoop! Here are some of our favorite handmade accessories for our O.C. ladies to wear. And men, don't worry--we'll post rave wear and accessories for you next week.

Bonus: You can sport this daisy flower crown by BudgetWeddingBouquet (shown above) at raves this summer and at Coachella 2014.

Daisy Rave Bra & Tutu by Euphorictreasures on etsy
You're never too old to dress like a slutty ballerina. This Rave Bra & Tutu by Euphorictreasures is actually pretty conservative, compared to some of the rave fashion we've encountered in the past.

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Sparkle Fluffies Fuzzy Boot Covers by OsisVinylDolls
Keep warm or hide ugly shoes with OsisVinylDolls's Sparkle Fluffies Fuzzy Boot Covers.

LED Bra by ElectricStyles
Light up your decolletage with ElectricStyles's LED bra. There is a sound-activated option too. (As if women need something extra to draw attention to their cleavage).

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