Rachael Yamagata is a Fan of KickStarter, Twilight and Original Baby Names

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Late last year, Rachael Yamagata released her fifth EP, Heavyweight, to warm critical reception. While the release may have flown under the radar for many (like a lot of her contemporaries who were a blip on the music scene in the mid Aughts), what remains the same is the singer's knack for showcasing her haunting voice over her delicate piano, causing a paradox of sorts for listeners.

Things have steadied for Yamagata after a busy beginning to her career, yet she's managed to survive after over a decade of releasing music. Ahead of her show at the Constellation Room, we caught up with the singer while she was in between tour stops. We got her take on Kickstarter, 30 Rock, and yes, even Kanye and Kim's baby, young North. Here's what happened.

OC Weekly (Daniel Kohn): How's it been on this tour so far? Have the crowds been treating you well?

They've been great. People seem to really be enjoying the new arrangements.

Having been licensed for Zach Braff projects in the past, do you think you'll be a candidate for his upcoming film?

No idea. I think he's got a great ear for music spanning multiple genres. I'm sure he's going to match great songs with the scenes.

What do you think about musicians relying on Kickstarter? Good or bad? Do you think you'd ever use it?

I'd certainly consider it. I ran a pledge campaign last round to help produce my previous full length. It's empowering for artists to take the reigns and give interesting incentives to their fans in exchange for their help. Seems to be mutually beneficial.

Is there a full-length in the works? Have you been writing?

I'm just beginning to gather ideas for the next record. I've been touring now for almost two years straight and definitely want to get back into the studio soon.

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