Michael Jackson Fan Art You Really Must Own

Nesting Doll Set by artmatryoshka on etsy.

It's hard to believe Michael Jackson tragically left this earth four years ago. This year, why not honor Jackson by splurging on handmade art instead of getting emotional while watching This Is It with your cat? Here are our favorite etsy items:

Hide your MJ in this impressive Five-Piece Nesting Doll Set by artmatryoshka (above) because you're bad, you're bad... you know it.

Minimalist MJ Print Set by DIGIartisan on etsy.

Girls dig original art. Display this Michael Jackson Print Set by DIGIartisan in your apartment and allow the King of Pop to turn you into the King of Pussy.

Amigurumi doll pattern by craftyiscoolcrochet on etsy.

If you have patience and crochet skills, you can make Michael Jackson Amigurumi Dolls for all of your friends! This pattern by craftyiscoolcrochet will show you how to make an 11-inch tall doll.

Thriller Cassette Tape Pouch by Sugarshoxcrafts on etsy.

This Thriller Cassette Tape Pouch by Sugarshoxcrafts can be used to store your cell phone, coins or cosmetics. Plus, it makes a great conversation starter.

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