Jim Breuer's Top Five Head Banging Heavy Metal Classics

Kelly Hartmann
Priest was my first love and still to this day, I just never get sick of them.

Jim Breuer, a beloved comic and heavy metal connoisseur, has entertained us with immortal SNL characters (Goat Boy!), cult classic films we can't seem to get enough of, and through his laugh out loud hilarious stand-up comedy. But it's high time we hear about something new in Breuer Land. Well peeps, the wait is over. Thanks to EPIX, his first ever stand-up comedy special for the channel, "Jim Breuer: And Laughter For All" will be premiering on June 7th at 7pm.

Metallica puns aside, we knew when it came to nailing down a list for the "Top Five Head Banging Heavy Metal Classics," there was no one better to give us insight than the comic best known for rocking the fuck out. Now if only this list were done in video so we could all see him bang his head along with the tunes...

Breuer Disclaimer: I keep going back and forth with these so I have to say, it's hard to put them in a particular order. There are so many to put on here and I didn't want to add too many Metallica songs although, they control a lot for me. But with every single one of these songs, as soon as they turn on no matter what I'm doing, I will drop everything and give full blown, 100% passion, thrash, and bang my head to.

5- Judas Priest- "Rapid Fire"
Priest was my first love and still to this day, I just never get sick of them. Even with Metallica and AC/DC I go in my waves, but Priest I do not get sick of. I think they are the most underrated metal starters. Everyone always says Sabbath and Ozzy and them, and yes, but Priest? With the duel guitars and when I first heard "Rapid Fire" live? I just couldn't believe what a punch that song had. I mean the opening lyrics of, "Pounding the world like a battering ram." I'm sold! It's got great hooks and great riffs. And the whole beginning when they break it down? Ugh! It's everything you want from a metal song.

4- Megadeath- "Peace Sells"
Ohhhh, god! Another one! To this day I love everything about this song. And the chug, I can't get enough of that chug! And that attitude! It defines every judgmental thing we put on faith, that we call politics, that we call debating, that we try to define ourselves better than one another by your so called faith or education. This simplifies it all. "What do you mean I ain't kind? Just not your kind. What do you mean I couldn't be President of the United States of America? Tell me something, it's still we the people, right?" Ughh, I love it! It's one of the all-time greatest Breuer metal songs!

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