Heather McDonald Is Offensive, But in The Nicest Way.

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Sean Hagwell
Oh my god this bitch is mocking me to my face.
We don't care what some people say, women are damn funny. And when it comes to Heather McDonald, this comedian, actress, and writer is as funny as they come. She's so funny in fact that her first book, "You'll Never Blue Ball in this Town Again" made the New York Times best seller list and her newest book, "My Inappropriate Life" is no doubt headed to do the same exact thing.

Heather is also known for her skill of impersonating tons of people on Chelsea Lately and on After Lately but on June 27th, it's going to be all her as she entertains the Irvine Improv with her hilarity. We admire the way that Heather tells it like it is so before her one-night stop in the OC, we wanted to get some scoop on her family life, regrets (or lack thereof), and to get her thoughts on a "KimYe" baby name prediction.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Have you ever done a skit and felt slightly bad afterwards?

Heather McDonald: No, I don't really worry about that. But, I did Marlee Matlin and then I saw her at an event and she had such great humor about the whole thing. I thought we had a great conversation and then when I walked away Fortune Feimster said, "Do you realize that you were doing sign language while you were talking to her?" I was like, no I wasn't! First of all, I don't know sign language. I just fake it. When Marlee started to do it, I started to do "her" back to her and I had no clue. She was probably like, oh my god this bitch is mocking me to my face.

Classic. Has anyone ever told you that they've really been offended?

Well when I was at Kim Kardashian's wedding, Ali Lohan was there. Like four years ago they had a show and we did a skit where I played Ali and Chelsea was Dina Lohan. I don't know why but, I just figured that Ali Lohan would be thrilled to meet me. So I went up to her and was like, "Ali! I'm Heather McDonald from Chelsea Lately and we used to imitate your reality show and I was you!" She goes, "Yeah, I know exactly who you are and what you guys did was horrible. That's my family and you made fun of my brother Cody." Then I was just kind of like, well I'm sorry but that's what my show is. We make fun of what's on TV and pop culture, and you're on a reality show on E!. Then I just tried to save it by giving her this big hug that was awkward. Like a hug that a crazy drunk aunt at a wedding would give someone. It was awful. Again, another friend of mine witnessed the whole thing and she told me it was train wreck.

Right? So do your kids think you're pretty cool or pretty embarrassing?

They think I'm fun because I think of creative things. I don't think I'm the best mom in the world but when it comes to fun and creative stuff, I'm pretty fun. Like when they're having breakfast, I'll start to imitate one of them who had a tantrum or something the night before. They'll laugh and realize how ridiculous they were being. Then my son will act like my husband and I'm like, OK, maybe they do have some talent. Of course they've never seen my act though so they don't know all of the stuff I say about them. Thank god!

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