Handmade Boy Band Products You Really Must Own

Sweatshirt by BestFanTees on etsy.

A wise man once said: "I don't believe in guilty pleasures. If you fucking like something, like it." That man was Dave Grohl. We like to follow his philosophy, and how better to embrace 'guilty pleasures' than by purchasing handmade boy band paraphernalia on etsy?! We already did the heavy lifting and found a trove of goodies just for you.

If you want to ensure your girl won't get hit on while she's out and about, buy her this sweatshirt by BestFanTees. (Above). Creepy old men still might offer her candy though.

Justin Bieber switch plate by PieceofSunshine on etsy.

Easy, fun prank alert: Swap your male friend's bathroom light switch plate with this Bieber switch plate by PieceofSunshine. Bonus points if your friend is single and dating.

Note cards by boybandsentiments on etsy.

Pester your grammar-conscious friends with this Bad Grammar Note Card Set by boybandsentiments. They'll be glad you conversated with them.

NKOTB Bustier by SalvagedStitch on etsy.

Stand out among fellow Blockheads with this sexy NKOTB Bustier by SalvagedStitch.

NKOTB Tote by SalvagedStitch on etsy.

And don't forget the matching NKOTB tote! One side features Jonathan and the other side features (our fave) Danny. This fabric makes us wish we kept our NKOTB sleeping bags.

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