The Gorgeous Girls of EDC Las Vegas 2013

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Chris Victorio
After 16 years of combining thumping bass, fantasy worlds and exposed flesh, the presence of absurdly beautiful women in costume is as much a part of EDC as the music. And that's probably just as much of a draw for the festival when it comes attracting bigger and bigger crowds every year. While partying down at the the Las Vegas Motor Speed way for the third year in a row, it was readily apparent that last weekend's talent pool in the beauty department had just about reached its peak this year so we decided to document it for you. Does creating an entire list dedicated to the glorious female form make us perverted? Well, we'd rather use the term "appreciative." Here now is our look back at the Gorgeous Girls at EDC Las Vegas 2013.
Chris Victorio

Chris Victorio
Chris Victorio

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