Brian's Beer and Billiards Offers Solace Far From the Maddening Coeds

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The second time I went to Brian's Beer and Billiards in Fullerton, I sat down at the bar and flagged down the barkeep with those wide, attentive, "Hey, I'm thirsty" eyes. Even though the young man had presumably served a hundred customers since he last saw me, he knew what beer I wanted, what size glass I wanted it in and, hell, even my drinking partner's order from last time: a schooner of Fullerton's finest, Bootlegger's Palomino.

"Hey! You have a good memory," I said, surprised. Tyler (as I later learned) smiled and shrugged it off. He may have not acted as though it were that big of a deal, but it's a gesture that goes miles with returning customers. The next thing is the bar's extensive beer selection, of course. Sure, it's a beer joint, but you'll barely miss the booze thanks to the beers on tap, bottled and canned. There are the dive-bar staples--the most popular domestics and their light counterparts--as well as brews from local boys such as Bootlegger's.

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"We're not like Hero's or anything," the bartender qualifies before telling me how many beers the bar carries (16 on tap and about 30 bottled).

"Good," I said. Not to slight the fellow Fullerton bar--whose beer selection is amazing--but you can't just sit down and enjoy your beer on your own terms on a Friday night due to the large crowds blocking every walkway, not to mention feral packs of squawking coeds. Go into Brian's on a Friday, you'll find coeds, but you'll also find salty old bar flies and everyone in between.

Two things stand out about this quiet neighborhood fave: the service and the atmosphere. They have an attentive cocktail waitress on busy Friday nights--a rarity for many dives. She respects the sanctity of beer by asking you if you're done with the butt of your beer before clearing the glass.

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