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Exene Cervenka
[Editor's Note: Exene Cervenka is a writer, visual artist and punk rock pioneer. The OC transplant is the lead singer for X, the Knitters and Original Sinners. Her column, Exene Says..., is her space to basically just write what's on her mind, everything from crazy life stories to political theories and observations about what's going on in this fucked up world of ours. To contact her, send all messages to askexene@ocweekly.com.]

It doesn't matter what kind of weaponry your Enemy arrays against you. The Enemy could have armies, bullets, bombs, lasers, drones, EMPs and cloaks of invisibility. They can modify your weather, steal the water, and poison the air and soil. They can legislate, enforce, enslave, murder.

That is, if you let them. Because the only weapon they really possess is your mind. Your enemy is helpless when you outsmart them.

If you give in to their mind control, you will fear, hate and become insane. If you believe their lies, you will covet, lust, assault, rape, plunder and murder. You will do these things because they have directed you to, as it serves their agenda--the total domination of humanity.

What you are being led to believe on a daily basis is propaganda. It comes to you, day and night, without respite, through television, movies, magazines, advertising, mainstream newsmedia, music, celebrity, pornography and sports.

You used to be a citizen. Then you became a consumer. Now you are a robot. You ask no questions. You believe whatever you are told by authority figures. You respond with anger and ridicule at individuals who question the Rulers. You are completely under their control.

I have refused to go along with their plans. I am resistant to their mind control. It's a decision I made, and it's easy to do. Just say, "I AM NOT A SLAVE. I AM AN INDIVIDUAL, AND I HAVE RIGHTS." You will find that you are resistant as well. It's easy to do, especially after you cancel the cable and get rid of your TV.

We are more than we have been told. The Rulers have obscured our ties to a Universal ancestor. It's in our art, myths, archeology, religions, science and history. If you believe in the soul, if you believe we are Divine Beings, why have you allowed these creatures that have stolen our planet Earth to enslave you? The reality we've been taught in school is the "Simplified for Dummies" version. This is the version of Reality that is constantly reinforced through the propaganda of the Rulers. But this is not reality.

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And all I really have to do to a meaningful dissident is to not buy junk food and turn off my alarm clock for a day? Sign me the fuck up!


Umm. If the only weapon "they" possess is my mind, how can I outsmart them?

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