TSOL's Jack Grisham Releases New Novel, 'Untamed,' Throws a Party to Celebrate

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John Gilhooley
Jack Grisham with TSOL at his last book release party for 'An American Demon' in Long Beach

The second novel by TSOL frontman Jack Grisham is ready for your perusal: Titled Untamed, the book consists of 10 messed-up-yet-entertaining (would you expect anything less from Grisham?) short stories complete with illustrations by psychedelic artist Scott Aicher.

Sex, suicide, murder, and sex with stuffed bunny rabbits--it's all in Untamed, which Grisham says is still based on his own life experiences.

"[The stories] are kinda based on whatever--betrayal, you know. Honesty and truth and the nature of human beings," Grisham says. "And what we can be."

To celebrate, Grisham's throwing a book release show--while his last novel came with a boat party, this time, Grisham is hosting an all-ages matinee with TSOL, the Detours, Unit F and the 405 Pile-Up on June 9 at the Observatory.

The cover of 'Untamed'
The best part? Each ticket to the show comes with a copy of Untamed, which, Grisham adds, he'll gladly deface for you. (Can't make it out to the show? Punk Hostage Press says they will announce book purchase details shortly after on their Facebook page.)

And, if little Tommy hasn't yet been to his first punk rock show, this may be the chance for you to properly indoctrinate your kid: Children 15 and under get in free--two per paid parent.

Why? "Because if you're 15 or under, you probably shouldn't be reading it," Grisham says. "'Cause I don't want them to read it."

Grisham pauses. "Well, I don't care if they do, but it's totally not for kids."

I ask Grisham if his own two daughters ever read his books.

"Sometimes. They get to hear little bits of them. Like, the clean part. There are some clean parts," he adds.

Grisham goes on to describe some of said clean stories in Untamed: Something about a pissed-off angel who falls in love but is bitter about the indentured servitude that comes with the job description.

"... And so he's not happy about it, and he's a real shit, so he tortures some old lady at an old folks' home and ...," Grisham says.

"That's a clean story?," I ask.

"Yeah! That's kinda clean. They're supposed to be fun. Stories are supposed to be fun and you're supposed to think a bit and you know ... That's the whole point of it. There are a couple of clean ones."

Grisham trails off.

"I mean, I don't know. Shit," he laughs. "Maybe not."

Untamed will be published by Punk Hostage Press, a publishing house that stands by the fact that they make zero profit off their books and giving back to the community at large.

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