The Top 15 Orange County Dive Bars

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6. Johnny's Saloon (Huntington Beach)
Perhaps one of the darkest spots on the border of Central and North Orange County, your nose should immediately pick up a whiskey and B.O. scent as you cross the threshold of the infamous punk bar. Bras of all color, shape and size deck the bar, leather couches don tears made by studded jeans. The jukebox blares only punk, punk and the occasional rockabilly track through speakers loud enough to make your ear drums bleed. This, my friends, is a dive with a clear and present message: Drown all sorrows in whiskey and deafness to all who enter here. I swear I didn't drink, but somehow when I left, I had a splitting headache and smelled like whiskey.
Ladies Beware: You know that wide variety of Bath and Body Works lotion in the ladies bathroom? If a guy smells like anything sugary or floral, run. Oh yeah...and the free Jameson shots. They are a no-no.

Jackie Connor
5. Cassidy's (Newport Beach)
Ah yes, if you have partied anywhere near central Orange County/Newport in the past decade, you have been to Cassidy's. You might not remember, but you've been there. The overwhelming smell of tequila and lime that smacks you in the nostrils, the skateboard decks nailed to the walls and girls who are way too pretty to be sitting at the bar by themselves greet patrons who file away into Newport's most infamous dive.
Ladies Beware: Spoiled Newport brats who have been replacing their blood with alcohol relentlessly. 

4. The Quill
A glorified portable located behind a shopping center in Santa Ana, The Quill has been around for decades and so have the locals. They might not have the smooth moves of a Newport bachelor on the prowl, but if you're a decent looking lady, someone is going to toss a few cheese ball lines your way like "If I dated you, I would need an inhaler because you would take my breath away." (So says the crazy guy who claims to be bi-sexual). The only lady in the joint is a classy gal named Peggy who laughs at the cheesy one-liners and tells all the guys to "go f$#@ yourself" to which they happily reply "Thank you."
Ladies Beware: You want names? Ask Peggy.

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