The Top 15 Orange County Dive Bars

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9. The Sand Piper (Laguna Beach)
Also known by many as "the Dirty Bird," this Laguna Beach bar's small but mighty stage hosts a number of local reggae and cover bands like local faves Rebel Rockers and World Anthem. Infamous for their reggae Wednesdays and Thursdays, a small, $5 cover gets you through the doors and surrounded by dreads, cheap rum and cokes and tons of colorful boardshorts.
Ladies Beware: Drunk/stoned and horny surfers attempting every cheesy pick-up line in the book.

8.Juke Joint (Anaheim)
Like the grungy, punk and rockabilly scene? Are you a Texas-transplant and want to feel at home? Try this beloved punk/rockabilly bar out. Although we are kind of biased, as we voted this bar the #1 punk bar in OC in 2011, we stand by our word and will tack on another label as one of the best dive bars in North Orange County.
"It's the place in Anaheim you feel at home no matter who you are," said Bartender Kenny Cloutier. "Bands like Cashed Out, Chop Tops, Agent Orange and Three Bad Jacks play here." If whiffs of beer and weed don't smack your nasal cavities the second you walk through the doors and you're not immediately bombarded with posters of Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and Elvis, then you're in the wrong spot. 
Ladies Beware: Greaser hairdos, punkers, rockabilly/ psychobilly folk and cute bartenders offering free shots (it's a trap!

7.Swallow's Inn (San Juan Capistrano)
If you're in the mood for leather jackets and ten-gallon hats, visit Swallow's Inn. Located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano, this bar hosts dance space aplenty for the line dancin' folk where you can boot-scoot-n' boogie your drunk ass all the way to the X-rated bathroom for a much needed piss. There, you will be welcomed by one of the most famous assets of the bar: large amounts of porn cut-outs pasted scrap-book style all over the bathroom walls. Plenty of "for a good time, call" numbers also decorate the inside of the bathroom as well. It's definitely the kind of place that makes you want to open the door with a paper towel.
Ladies Beware: Drunk cowboys who forgot to get off their high horses.

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Chris Roth
Chris Roth

Why have the"Ladies Beware" do you have to empower OC ladies any more who are all ready snobby and self absorbed when there out in bars. How about "Men Beware" of typical OC fake stuck up bitches"

Mark Milward
Mark Milward

how about a top 30? I need some new hangouts.

Mike MacDuffee
Mike MacDuffee

Hey goathill and johnnys are local spots to me. but I prefer the Pen on bch and adams


@Chris Roth Welllll, while I understand your POV about fake stuck-up chicas, I don't think you'll find many in dive bars least I didn't..all the ladies I met were very nice. However, if it's a date you're looking for, I don't think any bar is the best place to find one. But if bars are your only option, sounds like you might wanna brush up on those one-liners, bud. :)

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