The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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Mobb Deep--See Wednesday
Monday, May 20

Dillinger Escape Plan
Chain Reaction

Dillinger Escape Plan, the New Jersey mathcore band (that's mathrock-meets-hardcore for those who were wondering) stops by the all ages venue Chain Reaction this Monday night, giving hoards of angsty teenage boys something to yell and thrash and freak out about. A Dillinger Escape Plan live show is an entirely different, wild animal--the five-piece group expels a volatile energy akin to releasing years of pent up rage. But this is how they've stayed strong for the last 15 years amid an ever-changing music scene, giving everything they've got, every single time. Fans who can't get enough Dillinger love the band's new album, One of Us is the Killer, which continues to showcase their trademark maniacal intensity. (Erin DeWitt)

Tuesday, May 21

Young Blood Hawke
The Observatory

Youngblood Hawke's music emanates a youthful sort of charm--a charm worthy of stoplight sing-alongs and impromptu dance parties. The Los Angeles-based five-piece furthers Silver Lake's strong musical reach, thriving on indie-inspired pop beats, catchy lyrics and kindred spirit. Last month, the quintet released their debut full-length album Wake Up, featuring the anthemic single "We Come Running," to largely positive reviews. That track continues to infiltrate airwaves across America, gathering momentum for the group's nationwide headlining tour, swinging through familiar territory on this week at one of Orange County's finest indie-rock havens. If Youngblood Hawke's live performances live up to their album, they could potentially secure a place in indie-rock stardom. (Heidi Darby)

Wednesday, May 22

Mobb Deep
Yost Theater

Behold the return of the Infamous! Queensbridge's Mobb Deep were the two "killer kids who just don't care" whose bleaked-out, stripped-to-the-bones hip-hop ruled the middle '90s and cast a shadow that reached all the way to a 2000s revival (in part on 50 Cent's G-Unit) and eventual collapse in 2012 after founders Prodigy and Havoc got in an uncomfortable Twitter fight. (Future now!) However, that's all settled and Prodigy and Havoc are back for a set of shows slated to pull out both classics and rarities. According to a recent MTV interview, they'll even be playing songs they've never done live. Now that's how this should be done--when you come back from the dead, come back with something special! (Chris Ziegler)

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