The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Week

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The Rolling Stones--See Wednesday

Monday, May 13

This Time With FEELING
Detroit Bar
Refrigerators don't get much love in rock music, save for This Time with FEELING's subscription to the label of 'fridge rock' to describe their music, infused with genius melodies and coy vocals by the band's resident chanteuse Ali Coyle. TTWF unravel a lyrical prowess, exposed through Coyle's sultry voice and rounded out by Matthew Craven's drums, and Eliot Cossaboom's guitar splendor. Currently the band are disposing their musical ardor at the Detroit Bar for a month-long residency, tonight you can (and should) see them live with Hotel Cinema and My Double My Brother. (Aimee Murillo)

Tuesday, May 14

Devendra Banhart
The Observatory
Freak folk provocateur Devendra Banhart has maintained his musical legacy since his breakthrough album Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon by taking the high road with the two albums What Will We Be and Mala. Breathing with a poetic sensibility and meandering down the experimental path where folk, indie, and ambient music intersect, both Mala and What Will We Be answer the question of what's beyond Thunder Canyon. Tuesday at The Observatory, the multi-cultural artist-musician indulges audiences with his somber bi-lingual (sometimes tri-lingual) lyrics and warm instrumental arrangements, giving us a wonderful precursor to the upcoming summer months ahead. (Aimee Murillo)

Wednesday, May 15

The Rolling Stones
Honda Center
Nearly every music lover possesses a bucket list of must-see bands, and chances are The Rolling Stones top more than a few. Last year, the iconic rockers celebrated fifty years of performing with their aptly titled "50 and Counting" tour, stopping by a small handful of cities including London and New York. The tour picks up again this month in SoCal, hitting a pair of dates at the Honda Center. The Stones recently gave fans a taste of what to expect on the upcoming tour, playing a surprise club show at Los Angeles' Echoplex last month. Now set to sink their teeth into the arena run, the living legends gear up to deliver their signature moves and timeless music--at arena prices. Catch them while you can, and enjoy blues rock at its finest. (Heidi Darby)

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