The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

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Face to Face--See Friday

Friday, May 10

Lil' B
The Observatory
Lil B, the heavily tattooed Berkeley, California rapper with a gleaming grill and oversized earrings, entered the hip-hop game in 2006 as part of Bay Area rap group The Pack.
Over the last three years he's garnered a tremendous Internet following, popularizing the words "swag" and "based," the latter an amorphous, catchall term that essentially means being yourself, doing what you want, and being proud of it. Having recorded and released more than 40 projects and over 1,000 songs, he was the subject of all manner of NPR think piece and critical over-analyzation when he first gained popularity in 2011. It was, to say the least, vexing.Now that the dust has settled, most critics have moved on. However, it's become increasingly clear that Lil B is one of the most important rappers of the past few years. He's influenced just about everyone who's doing anything interesting in hip-hop right now. (Max Bell)

Face to Face
House of Blues Anaheim
The original House of Blues was built in Cambridge's Harvard Square and financed by Dan Aykroyd, Jim Belushi, River Phoenix, and Aerosmith, among others. That historic musical landmark may have closed, but its spirit led to more than a dozen venues carrying its name across the country. Our House of Blues, the one on Anaheim, situated in Downtown Disney, celebrates its 20th anniversary tonight. And though the House of Blues chain, purchased by Live Nation in 2006, became a little more corporation, a little less rock and roll over the years, they still know how to throw a good party. Headlining the birthday bash is SoCal favorite '90s punk band Face to Face, who also have something to celebrate: their eighth studio album, Three Chords and a Half Truth, released just last month. (Erin DeWitt)

Saturday, May 11

Detroit Bar
Orange County punk is in good shape, thanks in part to psych-punk five-piece The Shrills. In between raucous percussion and '60s garage-soaked guitar are the crazed, desperate vocals of Dan Simmons, which altogether make their band name credible on all counts. Mixing in elements of doo wop, '60s psych rock, The Shrills artfully craft a head-busting sound that will make you dance with frantic abandon, if not run out of the venue in complete terror. Their follow-up album to 2010's Pink Hotel, Meltdown, continues their psychotic punk fury; you'd be sorry to miss out on their show tonight at Detroit Bar with Cotillon, The Abigails and a DJ set by Matt McCluer of the Growlers. (Aimee Murillo)

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