Ska Band The Skeletones Are Not Too Old To Out-Skank You

Speaking of, a user review of Dr. Bones writes, "This is NOT band wagon/poser ska." How much did you pay that kid to write that?

We are not a pop ska act at all. However, some of our songs were big hits on commercial radio and continue to be used for movies, commercials and TV shows.

Because you are a singer and we all know singers know how to party, will you not go to bed the previous night and go straight from Friday's party to the stage?

I know about the rock star lifestyle. I will be going to bed the night before the gig because a singer needs his voice rest.

Because you are playing an event called "We Are the Mods," I gotta know...why are mod girls so damn cute?

The school girl look of a Mod girl is always gonna be super cute/sexy unless she's super heavy or has a butter face.

Rumor has it that this event will feature a horseshoe pit. So, can you throw shoes or what?

Yes. I have a horseshoe game at my house.

What's with all these other bands calling themselves the Skeletones out there?

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

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