Rick Springfield Shares Sobering Revelations and Crazy Fan Stories

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Describe Rick Springfield in three words?: Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
Rick Springfield has been around since most of us were pissing in our Pampers. Hell, some of our readers weren't even conceived when the Sydney-born star first hit the airwaves back in the early 70s. Yet even a with career spanning over 50 years and 17 albums, he has somehow maintained an aura of humility about him, mimicking the passion and ambition of a young artist fresh out of the gate. And the guy doesn't look like he's aged a day (WTF is up with that?). The Grammy winner/author/TV actor just finished recording his new album, Songs for the End of the World.

This month, you're about to get the inside track on everything Springfield when the original documentary An Affair of the Heart; Rick Springfield hits EPIX on May 15th. You'll find out that people's passion for him transcends gender, age, and international borders. This rock-out-loud film gives us all an inside look into his personal life, his highs and lows, as well as the lives of a handful of Springfield's super fans and the connections that have developed over the years all because of his music. Truth be told, it was hard not to be too giddy ourselves when we had the chance to talk to the man himself before the premiere about his upcoming projects, his love for the fans and his method of dealing with lusty ladies and their semi- tolerant hubbies.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): OK, this has nothing to do with this documentary but, you were hysterical on "Californication!" Was there any part of that outrageous character "Rick" that you played that mirrored your life at all?

Rick Springfield: That was a lot of fun to do but no, not at all! That's why it was so much fun to play, because it was so different from the kind of person that I am. I've been a bit of a hedonist but I don't think I've really ever come off as an egotist, a user, and a jerk like that guy was. And I never was a drug guy ever. So, it was an acting gig and they wanted someone with a history that they could play off of and write the character on. I knew it was going to be pretty out there because of the show, so I was actually really excited about doing it!

It was so funny, okay, some of your fans in this movie come off as rather intense. I'm not asking you to call anyone out, but do any of your fans ever freak you out a little?

They don't freak me out, but, some of them kind of stun me a little bit. I've been around some pretty crazy fans, so as long as they don't have a weapon, I'm good! [Laughs.]

I loved the part in the documentary when you met the husbands and they were trying to flex their pecs and be tough. Have you ever had a run in with an a-hole husband that felt like their spouse was just too into you?

Yeah. [Laughs.] I've been threatened a couple of times. Mainly just by this one guy who found my home number on his wife. Someone had given it to her, it wasn't me. So this guy was making calls to the house and I had to call the cops and send them around there to tell him to back off. It was getting pretty weird. Most of them understand it's just good healthy fun. Like, my wife is hot for tennis players and I'm cool with that! [Laughs.] Everyone has someone they'd like a hall pass for!

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