Psycho De Mayo - Downtown Santa Ana - May 5, 2013

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Mary Bell / OC Weekly

Psycho De Mayo
Downtown Santa Ana
May 5, 2013

What do you get when you combine over 40 psychedelic bands from around the world, a massive sound system, three surrounding stages, a packed street fair and enough reverb to rattle your brain right out of your skull? Around here, we call it Psycho De Mayo. As you may have read last week, OC's first annual psychedelic rock fest converged on Downtown Santa Ana yesterday just in time to collide with one of city's busiest days of the year. How did it go? Here are some of the highlights.
PHOTOS: Psycho De Mayo Shots From the Main Stage

Mary Bell / OC Weekly

Best Quote: Stephen McBean, Black Mountain
We all expect bands at psychedelic rock shows to be, uh, a little out of it...for the sake of the music of course. Doling out caterwauls of mind-expanding distortion is an exercise that should be supplemented with at least few hits of Afghan Kush. We'd actually love to get a hit of whatever Black Mountain guitarist Stephen McBean was smoking when he asked the crowd "How's your Friday night going, Santa Ana?" Um, pretty swell two nights ago, I guess. Capping off the festival with a bubbling cauldron of bewitched drone pop, the stoic headlining act pulled off a stunning sonic performance, although visually, it wasn't the most entertaining set we've ever witnessed. They pretty much just stood there. So even though McBean didn't seem to know what day it was, the attempt at crowd banter was nonetheless appreciated.

Mary Bell / OC Weekly
Best Breakthrough Moment: Dahga Bloom
The first sign that this psych fest was heating up didn't come until Dahga Bloom's bass-heavy set. Standing a few rows back from the front of the main stage at the Yost Theater, it appeared that the band's rumbling, hypnotic sound drowned in delay effects was the potent prescription that the crowd in the front row was looking for. As cups of beer sloshed around and violent head banging commenced, it was evident that blatant disregard for our eardrums was the biggest turn on for fans at Psycho De Mayo. Stumbling around the stage, recently-crowned front man Lucas Drake (we're normally used to seeing him crouched over a keyboard in the band) barked and howled into the mic as the band--a trio of bassists and a drummer--reminded us that even though it wasn't the drop of a dub step track that you might normally hear at this Santa Ana club, a little extra low end in the speakers always goes over well at any party.

Mary Bell / OC Weekly
Best Time Getting From the Yost to the other Stages: About 12 minutes.
Yeah, the walk through the clogged fair streets was mad hectic. Mind you, the walk was not even a full block from the Yost to corner next to Proof Bar and the Copper Door.Yet the clog of people, carnival rides and strollers added about 10 minutes to the commute.

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