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Andrew Youssef
[Editor's Note: Longtime concert photographer and fellow Weekling Andrew Youssef found out almost two years ago that he had Stage IV colon cancer. In that time, he has continued to shoot tons of music events for us on top of other freelance work and holding a day job at a hospital, of all places. This series allows him to tell his story in his own words.]

One of my favorite bands in the world is Hum. You may remember their alt-radio hit "Stars" from the mid-'90s. As I get older, I have realized that the music I listened to religiously during my late teens and early twenties left an indelible mark on my music tastes. Hum's combination of heavy space-rock guitars, unique bass parts and complex drumming had me listening to their albums You'd Prefer an Astronaut and Downward Is Heavenward on constant repeat while I studied organic chemistry in college. I had seen Hum a number of times in the '90s and even serendipitously in London while on vacation after seeing a flier in Tower Records.

Hum unfortunately broke up but would occasionally reunite for special shows. Back in September 2011, Hum announced that they would play two shows. The first show would be at the High Dive in Champaign, Illinois, and the second would be at the A.V. Club festival in Chicago. I had only been back in action photographing shows for a few months after my initial surgery and still was on chemotherapy. While the idea of traveling across the country while undergoing treatment and not being at full strength was daunting, I was determined to make the trip because Hum rarely play, and I figured the boost of seeing them again live would be worth the risks.

Preparation was key, as I made sure I had a host of extra medications and supplies with me in case I ran into problems while I was away. Fortunately, my good friend Jessie served as my host and did all the driving, picking me up in Indianapolis and driving to Champaign, and then onward to Chicago. When I was healthy, I had made a few trips to the Midwest to see Hum in Chicago and St. Louis. My mind was blown when I was contacted by Hum's drummer, Bryan St. Pere, thanking me for flying out numerous times to see them play.

When I was diagnosed, I had emailed Bryan, asking him if I could send him some of my older photos of Hum to be autographed for an eventual gallery I will host. Arriving in Champaign a few hours before the show to pick up my signed photos, I managed to meet up with Bryan and lead singer/guitarist Matt Talbott, who graciously spent a few hours with me, answering every question I had stored up throughout the years. It was a moment I would never forget and cherish to this very day, as I remember how weary I was from the travel.

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Keep writing....your writings give me hope...I too am going through a battle with Cancer...had surgery, now going through radiation every day except weekends....leaves me wiped out......You are right about music making one feel normal again.  I was invited to a  church fund to be able to attend I forwent my radiation treatment for one day... so I could have energy to attend.  I thought I was going to faint at the church fundraiser, but then the live band came on stage ....and I became alive again...felt normal like you was wonderful.....I even got up to dance two songs....then I became tired...but for those two songs I forgot about being a patient.  Enjoy reading your stories...keep on writing! Looking forward to you future postings.

jomusket 1 Like

I'm reminded of this:

You two've got just moments left to give
Come back now and we will let you live
Stay inside our blue protective eye
We won't let them take you, we won't let you die 

-Little Dipper

I made the trip to chi in 2010 to see them on Memorial Day and the sun was just setting on a bright and warm chi day. I felt the same rush coarse through my body when I realized where I was. Awesome story!

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