The Problem With Our Puppeteer Press

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Exene Cervenka
[Editor's Note: Exene Cervenka is a writer, visual artist and punk rock pioneer. The OC transplant is the lead singer for X, the Knitters and Original Sinners. Her column, Exene Says..., is her space to basically just write what's on her mind, everything from crazy life stories to political theories and observations about what's going on in this fucked up world of ours. To contact her, send all messages to]

I have been avidly following the multiple scandal hearings being conducted by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. As most of us realize by now, our news is tightly controlled and, at times, manufactured by six or so giant corporations. That's why the reports we read are identically worded and devoid of meaningful content, whether the tales are being told in Miami, Denver, New York or Omaha.

The mainstream media supposedly once had the role of finding out the facts and reporting them to the public. But in reality, they've collaborated with our government at all levels, helping to cover up corruption instead of exposing it.

Well, there is no honor among thieves, as reporters for AP, FOX News and CNN are finding out. Illegal searches of phone records? Why, they are shocked! The NSA, FBI, DHS and who knows what other scary entities have been monitoring and saving all our communications and information in a storage center in Utah.

The information we have been given regarding attacks in Benghazi on Sept. 11 and12, 2012, that left four people dead, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, is a hodgepodge of disinformation, lies and whistle-blowing. Fact is, the U.S. Embassy in Libya is in Tripoli, and there was never, according to the State Department website, a consulate in Benghazi.

Meanwhile, the IRS, under the inept direction of Lois Lerner, has been busy targeting "conservative" groups. If you support your rights, you are a conservative? So liberals don't believe in freedom of speech?

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