Six Pieces of Dave Grohl Fan Art You Really Must Own

Dave Grohl Devotional Candle by Danny Gonzalez.
There are two types of people in this world: Those who create bizarre fan art and sell it online, and those who contemplate purchasing it. (We wish we were the former, but we're more of the latter). In case you were curious as to where you could purchase a handmade Dave Grohl finger puppet or hand-painted wine glass--we got you covered. Here are some fun (and somewhat bizarre) items Dave Grohl fans are creating.

It may be blasphemous, but we can justify wanting this Dave Grohl devotional candle by saying he's the 'God of Rock,' right?

Fresh Pots Painting by Kimberly Toon.
According to the artist, this 20x24 inch original painting made with coffee "probably [still] smells vaguely of coffee if you sniff it hard".

FF Dave Finger Puppet by Melanie Howard.
A name tag isn't necessary on this character; he looks just like Dave!

Handpainted Wine Glass by Hong Peahota.
Keep it classy with these wine glasses while you take a sip from Dave's Poor Brain.

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