Armin Van Buuren - The Palladium - May 3, 2013

Jorge Meza / OC Weekly
Armin Van Buuren at the Sold Out Palladium

Armin Van Buuren
The Palladium
May 3, 2013

This weekend, the super-star DJ/producer Armin Van Buuren launched his highly anticipated tour for his new album Intense at the legendary Hollywood Palladium. Armin chose Los Angeles ,believe it or not, even after his famed "A State of Trance" radio show is broadcast through more than 62 radio stations to 52 different countries and has an average of 20 million listeners each week. Naturally the show, put on by Van Buuren's Armada label and through Insomniac Events, sold out in less than five minutes--proving that trance is still a major player in the North American "EDM" craze. With opening act Antillas and a slew of live singers joining Armin, the evening proved to be worth the wait as fans got a preview of what to expect when he comes back for his famed "Armin Only" experience.

It's no question why this was our number one EDM show in May as the line reached around the block to get in and watch the DJ Mag Top 100 number one DJ in the world. There were mostly diehard Trance family fans from all over Cali ranging from Santa Barbara all the way to San Diego in attendance. "I don't see the excitement and passion for this music in any other genre," Armin said in an interview prior to the show. Adorned in Armada, AVB and ASOT shirts with signs, banners and kandi bracelets the audience exuded anticipation at the packed Hollywood Palladium. Antillas played an excellent three-hour warmup set truly bringing an incredible amount of energy-splicing vocals with banging beats and hits. Playing everything from his hit "Damaged" to Borgore's "Incredible," Antilla's set was just the right amount of progressiveness the evening called for.

Jorge Meza / OC Weekly
Armin Van Buuren with Emma Hewitt

When Armin took the stage a little past midnight, the audience was cheering and chanting relentlessly as the giant LED walls showed his logo while the lights and lasers displayed all kinds of crazy colors and patterns. Armin took the audience on a four-hour long journey through his new album Intense while playing other popular tracks of the moment and some Armin classics. Armin specifically choose a relatively small venue (he did just sell out Madison Square Garden, after all) for the launch of this tour to give the vocalists a chance to test out their songs live with him for the first time at a semi-more intimate venue. The stand out performance was of course by the world renowned trance vocalist Emma Hewitt. Canadian singer Trevor Guthrie--who's also worked with Markus Schulz--turned in a potent performance as well. His new track on the Intense album with Armin "This is What it Feels Like" already has over three million views on YouTube and was quite the treat live.

Also in appearance was Aruna, Laura Evans and Laura Jansen, who we were surprised to see on stage halfway through the songs since it was so hard to see them amidst the sea of fist-pumping revelers and shoulder rides. The lights and lasers flashed along with the beat as the entire crowd sang along during the live acts in total emo fashion. Then Armin went hard playing his "Who's Afraid of 138" also featured on the new album and that's when the real dance party started. He even played Schulz's "Nothing Without You" and Above & Beyond's "Walter White" to keep the rage going. Once again, Armin showcased his abilities as a DJ who can read the crowd and give them just the right amount of specialness. With his arms in the air, it was easy to tell that he supplemented every beat with raw enthusiasm and stage presence. Now we can't wait for him to come back to LA for an extensive "Armin Only" show where he will incorporate more of his Mirage, Imagine and even Shiver's classics.

Personal Bias: I love how the new album has a little bit of everything from melodic vocal songs, harder 138 songs to pop in between. It's a true testament to where dance music is right now.

Check out a video clip of the show below

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fortiz1985 1 Like

I dont think any show will top this one for this year! Amazing night of great chooones being blasted through the speakers. Some amazing performances along with the Dj makes it sooo much more remarkable! Well perhaps there is one thing that could top this show this year, ARMIN ONLY! =D


I couldn't miss Armin Van Buuren @ Hollywood Palladium even if I had to work at 5am the next day!? Armin show literally felt like if I was in Trance Heaven, especially from live performances by Emma Hewitt to Aruna.  Experiencing the exciting and fun vibe w/ all the trance family sharing, loving, dancing *fist pumping* and singing out loud to the same songs, you can feel so much love!! Great article, thanks Alejandra 


I don't know what this guy is talking about!? This is awesome! I'm even more stoked to see him on Wednesday in Denver! Thanks Alejandra :D I always look forward to your articles!


So many grammatical errors, is this the OC weekly or the Irvine World News. Poor writing and even worse editing. D- 

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